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Quilted Camo Dog Jacket

Quilted Camo Dog Jacket

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Quilted jacket is a kind of warm jacket worn in winter. This kind of clothes has three layers.
The outermost layer is called the surface layer, which is mainly made of some thicker fabrics with bright colors or patterns; the middle layer is made of cotton, which has a strong warmth retention effect; the innermost layer is called the lining, which is usually made of lighter and thinner Made of different fabrics. There is also a thick coat with cotton cloth to separate the face and the warm layer. This padded jacket has four layers. When wearing, just put the warm layer inside and connect it with zippers or buttons.


Material: Polyester
Product category: vest
style: Casual
Applicable gender: general
Color: white, brown, red, purple, orange, yellow, lake blue, navy blue, light green, rose red, pink
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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